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Kylie Aldaz is a Colorado girl, born and raised. In 2020, she traded in the mountains of Colorado for the desert in Tucson, Arizona. She is a dog mom to two amazing Australian Shepherds, Jax and Quinn, who love to run and go on adventures with her! She loves yoga, plants, coffee, cooking, reading, and traveling!


Kylie’s running journey started back in 2010 as a way to cope with grief from the loss of her mother. In 2012, she ran her first 5k. She started connecting with different people in the running community and was inspired to run more. She worked her way to her first 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and eventually her first ultra marathon in 2017. She has now run several ultra marathons and has big goals and dreams. She learned that her passion was on the trails, running longer distances where she could spend hours on her feet in nature exploring this beautiful planet that we live on.

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Copper Corridor 50k (2nd Female, 2024)

Mogollon Monster 100 miler (5th Female, 2023)

Colossal Vail 50 miler (1st Female, 2022)

Cocodona 250 Finisher (12th Female,2022)

Mt Hood 50 miler (4th Female-2018)

Last Call 50 Miler (2nd Female-2019)

Whiskey Basin 60k (2nd Female-2020)

Elephant Mountain 50 Miler (2nd Female-2021)

2 x Pikes Peak Ascent Finisher
Pikes Peak Marathon Finisher

Run Rabbit Run 100 (2019)

Leadville 100 (2021)

5 x R2R2R (double crossing of the Grand Canyon)

Kylie is an RRCA Level I Certified Coach and an UESCA Ultrarunning Coach and is passionate about helping runners just starting their running journey to those that are training for an ultramarathon! Kylie is an ambassador for Trail Sisters, Honey Stinger, Nuun Legacy, Rabbit Running, Balega and Dirtbag Runners.

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