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This is YOUR journey and I am excited to help you dream big, reach your full potential and be inspired to run for a lifetime.

I will create customized training plans to meet your running and racing goals that are built specifically for YOU, based on your schedule, running history, and experience. You will receive daily feedback on your workouts and have access to unlimited communication with me (with the exception of certain days where I am out living my dreams and aspirations). I will also provide weekly check-in’s, pre and post goal assessments, and race day plans.

I believe in running smarter, not harder, and believe that the most important thing to running for a lifetime is being in tune to what your body needs. Self care and recovery are key! Train like a boss, eat and sleep like a boss and recover like a boss! Also, it is so important to not compare yourself to others, you are so unique and this is YOUR journey!

Running is more than just physical ability, it is a lot of mental preparation as well. I want to help you feel supported, encouraged and full of positive vibes to help you visualize living out your goals and dreams!

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